career in digital marketing 2024: good or bad

career in digital marketing

Do you want to start your career in digital marketing in 2024? If you haven’t figured out about a digital marketing career and are planning to start one, then, in this article, you will get every single detail of digital marketing career opportunities, like jobs, freelancing, and the future of digital marketing.

Career in Digital Marketing

As you know, digital marketing is a very big field. So you will have very good opportunities in the field of digital marketing. You can become an SEO expert, a social media marketing expert, a PPC expert, a content writer expert, an email marketing expert, a YouTube expert, and many more opportunities. These are some popular niches in digital marketing where you can make a good career.

Reasons to choose digital marketing

You know that digital marketing is a very good career option, but if you don’t know why, you should consider digital marketing as a career. then these are some important points for you to consider when choosing digital marketing.

Fastest-growing field

Digital marketing growth

As you can see in this image, from 2023 to 2024, growth was 13.6%. Digital marketing will grow by around 360 billion dollars in 2023. Well, digital marketing has been one of the fastest-growing fields in the last five years, and it will become more popular and grow in the next ten to twenty years.


Flexibility in digital marketing

It is helpful for those kinds of people who want to work while travelling or work when they want. Digital marketing is one of the fields that allows you flexibility in that you can work anywhere when you are travelling. You can work anytime when you are free. It is not one of the 9–5 fixes for a regular job. Most of the agencies allow their employees to work on their own time.


Education in Digital marketing

There is no specific requirement for education in digital marketing. You don’t need a specific degree or certificate to start your career in digital marketing. There are a lot of companies that want to hire candidates who have practical knowledge and experience compared to those with certificates or degrees. So if you want to start your career in this field, start making content for your website, on your YouTube channel, or social media accounts, because most companies want that.

Starting your career in digital marketing

Starting before your career in digital marketing. You have to decide what target you want to achieve because, in digital marketing, you have multiple options. You can be an SEO expert, a social media expert, or a PPC expert. But these are the niches of digital marketing. But in digital marketing, you have various types of career opportunities.

Types of work in Digital Marketing

If you start your career in digital marketing, you have your own choice. You can work as a digital marketing executive, digital marketing associate, or digital marketing manager for a company as a full-time employee. You can become a freelancer and work when you want to. You can start your own digital marketing agency and become an entrepreneur.

Digital marketing job opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities in online marketing. You can check LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and many more websites where you can find jobs in digital marketing. But first, you have to gain some basic knowledge about the niche in which you want to grow. If you want to start your career in SEO, you have to know about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and all the other basic components of SEO.

All this information is free to learn on YouTube, so you can learn easily without spending a penny, but if you want to get a certificate, then you have to find an institute online website where you can learn about it. In jobs, it is not necessary, but most companies want a certificate in the niche in which you are applying. Even Google offers courses and certificates in the field of online marketing.

Entry-level digital marketing jobs

If you are a fresher, then most of the chances are that companies don’t want to hire a fresher for a higher salary. So you should look out for opportunities to find digital marketing internship opportunities on websites like LinkedIn or LetsIntern.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing has been one of the top trending job types for the last 5 years. There are a lot of digital marketers who want to work while travelling or according to their time preferences. So they prefer freelancing to full-time jobs. But it doesn’t mean that freelancers earn less than full-time employees because most freelancers earn more than 5 to 10 times as much as the average employee of any company.

You can check websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, and a lot of others to see how much a freelance digital marketer can earn. These are some of the most usable and famous freelancing websites that will help you start your freelancing journey if you want to be a freelancer.

Start your agency

You can start your own digital marketing agency. but that is not for a fresher. If you are a fresher in digital marketing, then I suggest that you work as a digital marketer for a digital marketing agency. Starting an agency takes a lot of effort and patience, and you need to have a lot of money for hiring people and an office for running a business. You can’t start an agency or business without a good team. You need a team of good digital marketers to run an agency. because a great team can solve 70% of your problems. So you should gain experience as an employee in digital marketing and find a good team of good digital marketers.

Types of career in digital marketing

As we talk about, online marketing is very niche, and you have to decide in which niche you have to make your career. These are some niches of online marketing that you can learn and make a career in.

  1. SEO Expert.
  2. Social media marketing.
  3. Google Ads.
  4. Meta Ads.
  5. YouTube.
  6. Email marketing.
  7. Content writing.
  8. Influencer marketing.
  9. Performance Marketing.

1. Career in SEO

SEO is one of the most important types of online marketing methods for businesses. SEO is necessary for every business. It enhances your online visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It takes a lot of time and effort to do SEO for a website. It is a long-term process to rank your website on Google with the help of SEO. So you have to work consistently and patiently.

The average income of an SEO expert in the United States is $67,388 a year.

2. Career in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most trending marketing strategies for online marketing for every business. We have different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat for teenagers, LinkedIn for professionals, and Twitter for celebrities, political leaders, and parties. You will get a lot of exposure for building your brand. So you can choose a platform according to your preferences.

The average income of a social media manager is $70,287 per year.

3. Google Ads Expert

To become a Google Ads expert, you have to be good at technical data analytics and building strategies. When creating Google ads, you have to create a plan or strategy to target your audience. It is the most popular inbound marketing method. In Google ads, We have different types of ads like search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads, and app install ads

The average income of a Google Ads expert is $61,206 per year in the US.

4. Meta Ads Expert

Meta ads are an outbound type of marketing. where we try to show our products and services to people on Facebook and Instagram. You know that, at present, around 5 billion people are using social media. Meta ads are very important, especially for specific targeting audiences. With the help of meta ads, we can target only doctors, lawyers, or specific niches.

The average income of a meta-ads expert is $122K per year.

5. Youtube Expert

YouTube is the second largest search engine at present, after Google. Everyone wants to be a YouTuber, and they need people who can guide them through how the YouTube algorithm works. how to rank your videos at the top of YouTube search results. You can become a YouTuber on your own or can help others become a by guiding them about YouTube growth secrets.

The average income of a YouTube expert is $1,02,226 per year.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also one of the marketing niches where you try to promote your products and services. Email marketing has the highest conversion ratio for success. Most real estate companies inform people about their projects and schools to grow their school admissions by using email marketing campaigns with the help of email marketing tools like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, and many more.

The average income of an email marketing expert in the United States is $74,591 per year.

7. Content writing expert

Content writing is very important for SEO, social media, YouTube, and every aspect of digital marketing. If you want to start blogging, you need to write articles for that, for YouTube, you have to write YouTube scripts, in social media, in email marketing, and in every aspect of online marketing, you have to write content. That’s why content writing is the most popular and highly demanding job at present. If you are good at writing content, then you can earn a lot of money with the help of content writing.

The average income of a content writer in the USA is $67,502 per year.

8. Influencer Marketing

First, we use SEO or social media marketing for organic results, then we get paid marketing for getting fast results, and now we have influencer marketing for getting the best results within a minimum period. In influencer marketing, we don’t need to do a lot of work. We just figure out the right influencer for our products and services, and that’s it. Now, we don’t need to do anything.

The average income of an influencer marketer is $135,584 per year.

9. Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is the most demanding job at present. Every company wants to hire a performance marketer. Basic performance marketing is result-driven oriented. A performance marketer focuses on the results. In performance marketing, companies or businesses only pay when they get their results, such as clicks, leads, website visits, or any other conversions.

The average income of a performance marketer is $86,897 per year.


Q1. How do I start a career in digital marketing?

It is not rocket science; it is very simple to start a career in digital marketing. But it needs a lot of hard work and consistent effort. Digital marketing is a fast-changing field where something new happens every week. So you have to focus on the latest trends and trending topics.

Q2. Can I start a career in digital marketing after 30?

Yes, there is no specific age for starting a career in digital marketing. You can start, whatever your age is, it doesn’t matter. It depends on your skills. How good your skills are. If you are 30, 40, or maybe 50, you can be a great digital marketer.

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